• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Mermaids & Seashells in Stockholm

You know you are in need of some sun when your skirt almost camouflages against your pasty skin.

It’s been almost three months now since I went to Sweden (I can’t believe how fast this year is going!) but life has been pretty hectic so I still haven’t got round to posting all of the outfit photos from the trip. You can see my first outfit of the day from Stockholm here.

I miss Stockholm so much. The beautiful coloured buildings, the old cobbled streets, the cute little Swedish restaurants serving meatballs and pear cider and just how chilled out the whole city was. I felt so safe and just so happy and relaxed.

Stockholm was a place that I just felt so carefree for a few days. I’m such a city girl so love seeing new cities and although London is one of my favourite places it was so nice to be in a quiet and calmer city for a few days. The only downside to Stockholm is the price of everything, but you can’t have it all huh?

I’ve actually been looking at flights for later this year, I need my meatball and Cinnamon bun fix…

Jacket – Zara

Swimsuit/Body – Minga London

Skirt & Shoes – Topshop

Sunglasses – ASOS This has to be the perfect summer holiday outfit. Not only the summery pastel colours but this mermaid body is actually a swimsuit so this outfit can go from day outfit to beach outfit to night outfit in seconds. This outfit is probably best for a post on ‘what to wear to the beach’ than ‘what to wear in Stockholm’ but I wanted to embrace the (chilly) spring sun in Sweden. The pastel trend appears to be ongoing, so I feel that this outfit was definitely a good investment! I’ve hardly taken this jacket off in recent months, as you could probably tell on my Instagram for a while before the sun made an appearance. I’m very pale so although I love wearing pastels these ‘ice cream’ colours can be difficult to pull off, especially when you are trying to pull off the triple pastel look like I have here. I’ve added a pop of colour with this light blue bodysuit so that the outfit isn’t too boring or completely washes me out. I also kept my make up simple and avoided a pale lip so I wasn’t completely all pastels. Here I am wearing one of my favourite lipsticks I own, NYX Lip Lingerie in Embellishment.

I’ve fallen in love with a lot of places over the past few years and Stockholm is definitely one of them.

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