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I spent a week a Turkey for Easter.

Dress and Shoes – ASOS

Bag – Michael Kors

Last night I arrived back home from a week in sunny Marmaris. I didn't really know what to expect before visiting, we booked back in January but for some reason it kept getting cancelled due to flight changes. 

Fortunately I managed to secure us a room at another hotel (Cettia Beach Hotel) for a similar date. Then before we went I was convinced I had entered our Visa details wrong and then the weather just said rain, rain, rain - it wasn't looking good... 

But I'm pleased I can say I had the most amazing time and if you are wondering where to go this summer, I can't recommend Marmaris enough (I will explain more in an upcoming travel review!)  

It was sunny, warm and the perfect relaxing getaway. These photos were taken on our last day, the coldest and wettest (well it rained for about 10 minutes!) day of the whole week. I would love to visit again during the high season and high temperatures. Maybe next year!

It was also lovely to ditch the tights and start to wear my new summer pieces. There were also plenty of beautiful locations for blog photos! It's such a shame now back to wearing coats and boots but I'm sure this will change in the next couple of weeks. Optimistic. 

I unintentionally went for all asos on this day. I picked up this dress, in red of course, at a bargain of £18 reduced from £60. I bought these heels two years ago and I wear them with everything at every glimpse of sun. They are so unbelievably comfortable, they feel like you are wearing flats. They give a lovely bit of height without being too high and uncomfortable.

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