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March Favourites

My favourite products, tried and tested.

Long Lash Mascara from Seventeen

I’m very picky with mascara and my ultimate to-go is the YSL false lash effect, so I’m always a bit wary when trying new brands. I was very impressed with the Seventeen Long Lash Mascara. You only need a few coats and it creates dramatic, long lash without any clumps. I often find that mascaras seemed dried out even after the first use but this mascara isn’t like that at all. I’d say it is my new favourite mascara and it is such a bargain at £6.99, I’ll definitely be buying it again.

Healthy Mix Foundation from Bourjois

My love still lies with Estee Lauder Doublewear however as that can be a pricey essential (£30) I decided I would try out a more affordable brand. I am VERY picky with foundations so it means a lot that I love this Bourjois foundation which is a third of the price (£9.99).

Just a little bit of foundation goes far and it’s so easily buildable (I like full coverage). I’m out of the house at 7am and back by 8pm and I need a foundation which can last that long and with a bit of setting spray (explained below) and this is perfect!

Beauty Blender

(aka pink sponge in the photos)

Why did I not buy a beauty blender earlier!? This has changed my whole make up game. Not only does my foundation apply so much smoother and more ‘air brushed’, I am sure that it is the reason that my skin has cleared up. My skin has completely improved since I began using the blender a few weeks ago. I make sure I clean the blender after each use to keep it fresh and it’s so much easier and quicker to clean than a brush.

They retail for around £16 in stores but I managed to get it online for £5 (sealed and 100% real). It’s a beauty product every make up wearer needs.

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray 

Since NYX has landed in the UK I’ve slowly started to make my way through the whole collection (I’ve got coloured mascaras, suede lipstick, lipcreams, brow mascara and it is all amazing!). The setting spray has to be my favourite NYX product and it’s so cheap compared to rival brands (£7). This keeps my make up in place up to about 12 hours which is just what I need.

Not only does it hold my make up in place all day and prevent it from becoming oily/greasy, it adds a healthy glow to my makeup. It keeps it matte but with a slight dewy, highlighted glow. I can’t pinpoint exactly why my skin has improved so much in the past few weeks but this could be another reason. It stops my make up from getting so oily which of course is a bonus to prevent breakouts.

I am obsessed with coconut water and milk at the moment and my current go-to fix is Rebel Kitchen Mylk! They taste amazing and what’s even better they are really good for you as they are dairy free, and contain no refined sugar, additives or preservatives! I can get my chocolate fix without feeling guilty and it doesn’t need to count as a naughty treat as the drinks contain three simple ingredients; organic coconut milk, Somerset spring water, and organic date nectar.

These are really handy to carry around in your bag all day to keep you hydrated. You can get Rebel Kitchen Mylk’s for around £1.89 in Waitrose, Ocado, Tesco, Selfridges, Wholefoods, Planet Organic, Holland & Barrett, and Nutri Centre.

I am loving the new luxury label.m Diamond Dust Collection range!

I’ve been trying out the label.m Diamond Dust Collection Shampoolabel.m Diamond Dust Collection Conditioner  and Body Lotion.

I immediately fell in love with them as the scent reminds me of my trip to India and the flowers we were presented with on arrival. The scent lasts all day and it actually had me searching for flights later that eve (oops).

The Diamond Dust collection is a unique blend of hair perfecting ingredients and real diamonds. It’s exclusive formula contains real black and white Diamond Dust particles, Champagne, Pearls and White Rose Petal Oil! These work by gently removing toxins and build-up from the scalp and hair and dramatically transforming hair’s condition. Not only does it make my hair smell amazing, it also made it so silky smooth.

Marula Oil Treatments

I adore the matte black packaging to the Rare Oil Treatments! It’s so pretty and makes a great addition to my dressing table.

The oils can be used for hair and skin and I prefer to use them on my skin. One drop of oil goes a long way. After putting it on my skin over night it felt so much softer and it also helped any blemishes and scarring go down, plus it smells incredible.

The oils can also be used as a pre-shampoo treatment or blow-dry treatment on clean damp hair. Since using the oil on my hair I’ve noticed how much easier my hair has been to style and comb as it is so much softer and silkier. The oils bring instant hydration and moisture to skin and hair. As the oil is highly concentrated it is best to start with one drop and add more necessary.

I also tried the Marula Oil Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner  and the Marula Oil Intensive Masque  My hair can be very dry after continuous peroxide abuse so these treatments were a much needed hydration!

* I have not be sponsored for this post. I only feature items I truly recommend and adore.

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