• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Make up bargains!

I couldn’t believe it when I went to Poundland a few weeks ago and saw Stila make up on sale ! They had foundations, tinted moisturiser and powder (as seen below).

Sadly, everything but the powder in shade ‘deep’ way too dark for my skin tone! So instead I bought 3 powders haha! It works so well and is similar to Benefit Hellow Flawless powder! It comes with a sponge and although it is a refill I’ll just use it the same as I use Benefit and Max Factor facefinity 🙂

Neon green nail varnish (which hasn’t chipped since thursday when I first tried it out!)

I haven’t tried Benefit tints so can’t compare but this works so well, I have nothing bad to say about it as it does the job and isn’t too bright on my cheeks 🙂

I love W7 nail varnish but always bought them in TKMaxx for a lot more money so this was a bargain, can’t wait to try it out!

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