• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Make it bounce

Dress – Forever 21

Heels – Asos

Annoying fan in the background – no idea

I do love neon clothes! As you can see here, here, here and here oh and here. I take after my dad when it comes to bright clothes (or hair)

I picked up this dress from the Forever 21 in Bond Street for under £13 and it wasn’t even in the sale. I love Forever 21 prices! I used always admire their clothes online on the US site about six years ago and was so excited when I finally got to go to the New York store in 2009. Now there are four stores not too far from me, it’s awesome!

The weather hasn’t been too bad recently, maybe a little rainy, but I still think it’s pretty warm. I hope it stays like this a while, loving it fashion wise. Although I have two coats to feature on here soon – when I find a time and a photographer to take photos for me. Here is one coat I bought which I have no idea how to style!

#Asos #forever21

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