• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Magical and miserable

Coat – London Fashion Weekend

Vest – Camden Market

Disco Pants – American Apparel

Slipper shoes – Primark

No I’m not feeling miserable despite the title (and my face in these photos). Those are just lyrics from one of my favourite songs by Taylor Swift – 22. I love her album Red, it’ been a few months but I still play it almost everyday! I feel that 22 just describes me, especially the lyrics about forgetting the deadlines – I want to do that right now!

It seems to weird posting about an outfit of the day post featuring a coat like this at this time of year. But you know what the weather is like? With that icy breeze this coat has been great and I have felt just the right temperature in it!

Now I said I would be getting on with deadlines and that’s what I should be doing but look here I am blogging again! I just have too many photos I want to share! In just over two weeks my exams and coursework will all be done and second year at uni will be over! I cannot wait to be free for 4 months and it’s kind of sad that this will probably be my last long summer (fingers crossed that I get a job soon after graduating anyway) and I will be going into my third year of uni in a few months. I want to go back to do another degree! There have been times when I have hated the work and stress but now I don’t want to leave and I think I am going to miss uni over summer!

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