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Lush: Toothy tabs review

After seeing a video about the Valentine Lush products on SoTotallyVlog I bought the Toothy Tabs for my boyfriend as a joke present. I got him the Valentines special ones (Chou Chou…I Love You). They are like rose flavoured toothpaste tablets. You can still buy them here.

I got them from the Lush in Kingston – which has a spa upstairs – and the staff there were SO friendly! They helped me chose the right ones – although that isn’t exactly difficult – but theres a few to chose from so I’m tempted to try a few more flavours! Although these are a little more pricey than normal toothpaste (£2.95). The price of the toothy tabs vary from £2.00-£3.50.

As I was warned by the shop assistants, they taste very weird at first and do take a few brushes to get used to!

There are 40 tablets in each packet. You put the tablet at the front of your teeth, crush it and then start brushing.

Although I do prefer that minty fresh taste after brushing, the rose taste isn’t too bad! Afterwards my mouth felt so refreshed and my teeth felt so clean so they do work as well or even better than normal toothpaste 😛 (Sometimes I do prefer to use normal toothpaste in the morning as it does make you feel a little more refreshed than these!)

Although unusual to taste, I do recommend trying these!. I love Lush, I buy so many presents from there for friends and family as they have so many different and unusual products.

What are your favourite Lush products?

I’m a little addicted to writing product reviews at the moment so I have a load coming up and can’t stop from posting multiple posts per day, oops!

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