• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Lush Geek Chic

Top – c/o Lush T Shirts

Skirt – Love

Unif Hellbound lookalikes – eBay

I just want to say I’m extremely sorry for not posting about this tee earlier! When it arrived my laptop was broken for a while and once it was fixed a lot has been happening so I have been relied on the many outfit of the day posts in my drafts. But here it is finally!

I was kindly sent this top by Lush. I couldn’t believe how fast it arrived and it is exactly how it is on the website, probably even better actually. Although I would buy a size up as I found it came up small.

It is a great quality t-shirt and very good alternative to all the Geek tops going around at the moment and it’s only £14.99! I’m so glad I finally have a Geek tee and can’t wait to wear this once it warms up 🙂

I bought these shoes off of eBay back in November but have only worn them once. I’m a bit wobbly in them! One of the little hook on my shoe has broken (not sure how seeing as I only wore them once!) so it’s so difficult to do that shoe up properly now 🙁

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