• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Loving Primark this A/W

This first picture looks so fake and airbrushed! The only editing was a little darkening, it probably doesn’t make sense but it makes the lighting look better than before!

Also this isn’t a posing face, I actually wasn’t ready for the camera but looks so posey & I was pushing my hair out of my face whilst trying to make sure I still kept hold of the skirt for the camera hahahah!

I’m a bad blogger, I took this photos without looking, put away the clothes, camera and tripod and didn’t bother retaking to fix the top photo – oops!

Dress – Primark

Wedges – ASOS

ps. that isn’t my bra or skin you can see underneath, under the lace is a cream top attached to the dress 🙂


#Asos #Primark

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