• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Lost in Paradise

Jacket – Stole from my mum (Vintage Levi)

Playsuit – ASOS

Belt – Grandads

Socks – Primark

Shoes – Underground via Office

So after not sleeping in 48 hours (or more hours I’ve lost count now, I’m a little unsure what day it is to be honest!) I finally arrived home from Faliraki at 7am this morning. MAN, WAS I SAD. I have never not wanted to leave somewhere so much. If I didn’t have plans for work experience and holidays I would probably have stayed to work so I’m seriously considering going back in 2014! But I’m off to Spain soon so I’m sure that will be an even better trip!

Over the rest of June I’m going to be so busy though , I’m off to Peterborough and as I said, Spain, so I won’t be home until July which means my blogging will be terrible. I planned this summer to work a lot on my blogs – this as well as my travel blog – and write lots of articles for online student magazines but since finishing back in May I haven’t had a spare day to myself to do any of this! (Well except today but I’m like a zombie and even typing this is proving very hard!) And when I return home I have so many other plans and work experience until September so I don’t think I will ever find that time I wanted!

Okay so that was a massive half a sleep ramble there and I won’t bore you much longer. This is a casual outfit I wore shopping with my favourite creepers and a new pair of pink and white frilly socks! The purple in my hair has faded so much now I’m so sad, you can see it a little here in the photos from when it was brighter! Sorry for rambling so much, this is what a week in Faliraki does to you…photos to come soon!

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