• Roxii Hoare-Smith


This outfit is really not me. But I fancied trying something a little different – but still it isn’t very me.

I actually took these photos last September, wow, but never posted them as I wasn’t too keen but looking back I realised how much this outfit reminded me of Loserville, the play I saw back in December. I think I’ve actually lost a bit of weight since I took this photos so hopefully I will find wearing these shorts more comfortable this summer – although I do hate getting my legs out during the day in summer as they are SO pale! 🙁

I wanted to find something to wear this top and I thought this combination worked well, although I feel it makes me look geeky! This isn’t my kind of outfit so not I will wear it out this summer…I do need to find an outfit to wear this tee with though!

( & like most of my OOTD posts I am featuring the family portrait taken when I was 10 hahaha!)

(It looks like the fly is un done…it definitely wasn’t hahaha!)

Top – F**k Yeah top from Tumblr – Italy (such a random buy haha)

Shorts – Topshop

Socks – Primark

Shoes – Vans

#Primark #Topshop #Vans

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