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London Fashion Weekend Purchases!

Here are some of the things I picked up on my trip to London on 24th Feb when I went to London Fashion Weekend.

After being at Somerset House for three hours I was starving so my mum and I made a quick trip to Bella Italia and then we jumped on the tube to my favourite place – Tottenham Court Road Primark. I also went to Topshop but didn’t see anything worth the price! I’m on eBay too much so if I see anything in Topshop I go home and look for dupes instead there!

My mum spoilt me so much this day here a few photos of what I picked up!

Heels which I already featured here.

Dork tee, Skeleton bodysuit, Glitter crop polo, gold studded tights.

I actually made another trip to the same Primark 6 days later. I never post haul posts anymore but I thought I would sneak photos of what I bought anyway!

Black lace crop, White lace crop, Stripy polo crop, Sunglasses and case, 2x frilly socks

Vintage coat bought at London Fashion Weekend

FREE full size Benefit gifts when me and my mum signed up to Elle! I can’t wait to get my first issue. It was only £15 for 12 months subscription – bargain.

Below are images of what I got in my disappointing Radley tote bag 🙁 (the muller mirror was a freebie I picked up whilst shopping that wasn’t in the bag)

I also got some free yoghurts and kinder buenos but I ate those before I had a chance to take photos! & one yoghurt exploded in my bag <_<

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