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London Fashion Weekend

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This post is so late but I have so many OOTD posts in my drafts I’m trying to catch up with everything. I am SO much uni work to do so it’s hard to keep replying to comments but I will soon, thank you so much for them all!

As I posted about before, my mum bought me tickets on London Fashion Weekend for 24th February. We walked about so much this day I ached so much the next two days! I think it may be my Dr Martens, the sole is quite chunky and it seriously is a work out if you wear these all day a few days in a row!

After a quick snack of fruit in Tom’s Kitchen and lots walking around the shops, we went to the trends catwalk show. The trends were SS13 which I thought they would be showing AW13 as that’s what LFW was for but anyway, it was a great show with so many amazing outfits.

I even liked the Barbie outfit in the Dolls House theme, although I wouldn’t be brave enough to wear it myself! The catwalk included so many high street pieces (including the barbie outfit from Miss Selfridge which you can see here and here. But these may not be the exact pieces)

I wasn’t so sure about the whole moustaches thing (scroll down). Maybe we will all be wearing stick on moustaches this summer then? No I don’t think so either.

I cannot work my camera, I’m such a bad blogger! I really want to get a high quality camera but my photos will probably turn out the same because I can’t work the settings 🙁

So here are my amazing quality photos of the trends catwalk show 😉

It was a great day and I would probably go again! Although I think I need more money if I want to shop there 🙁 & I probably wouldn’t get the tote bag as I thought the contents were rubbish!

In the shopping area they had a Canon section, Diet Coke, Levis & Capital FM there taking photos of you. My mum wanted me to have a photo done at the Canon area (you could win a camera) and we put my name down but I never went back. I’m too shy! I’m fine behind the camera at home taking photos but I get so embarrassed if there are lots of people watching me 🙁

With a Boris bike!

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