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LIMA Floral Review

If you want to try the best cocktails in London then head to LIMA Floral.

LIMA Floral, located in Floral Street, Covent Garden, has launched a new Pisco Bar menu serving a range of Pisco cocktails (Peru’s national drink) and hot and cold piqueos (Peruvian sharing dishes like tapas). LIMA Floral is the sister restaurant of Michelin starred LIMA restaurant located in Fitzrovia – think younger, more fun but still sophisticated sister.

LIMA Floral has an upstairs restaurant however we went to visit their underground Pisco Bar.The Pisco Bar oozes cool and it is full of style, very a heavily stocked bar and cheery barmen.

I started with the El Senor De Sipan, a beautiful concoction of Prosecco, Apple Juice, Raspberry Syrup, Luna Pisco, Campari and Pisco Foam. This was probably the best cocktail I have ever tasted. So refreshing, you wouldn’t even be able to tell it contained alcohol. I could have downed this in a few seconds, but I somehow resisted. If you want wholesome, fresh food then LIMA Floral is the place for you. We went for two Piqueos each. You can view the full Pisco Bar menu here.

Braised Octopus. Olive Potatoes. Chorizo Salad. (£8) I have never tried Octopus before so I was determined to order this. It was extremely tasty and not too overpowering as you would imagine. It worked well with the Chorizo bringing in a delicious fusion of flavours.

Organic Chicken. Butifarra. Red Onion Jam. (£5) If I was to visit again I would definitely go for one of the sandwiches with a Pisco cocktail or two. These are a lot more affordable and definitely worth the price. The chicken was so tasty with a light seasoning and very filling.

Cod Fritters. Yellow Chilly Spicy Sausage. (£6) Amazing! These also weren’t too ‘fishy’ or overpowering but a lovely delicate taste. The sausage gives that extra kick discreetly with just the right amount of spice.

Beef Empanada. Spring Onion. Red Peppers. Barbecue Sauce. (£6) I would have to say that this was my favourite dish out of them all. It was so full of flavour and so mouthwatering, the beef, red peppers and bbq sauce works as a great combination. My tastebuds were very pleased! One dish equals two Empanadas which is the only downfall – there wasn’t enough for greedy me!

The piqueos were washed down with a beautiful Trio De A’s cocktail which is made with Vodka, Luna Pisco, White Rum, Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup, Egg White and Ginger Ale. (£10)

Trust me to accidentally (I swear it was!) order the cocktail containing the most alcohol. I was mainly sold by the sound of Vodka and Ginger Ale – which you can hardly taste and not too overpowering like some ginger ale cocktails can be. Very refreshing, just like a soft drink, worrying.

LIMA Floral is definitely the place to take friends if you want to impress. It’s a lovely chill place for a light bite and a few juicy cocktails (which are much stronger than you may think!) so don’t be fooled 😉

LIMA Floral

14 Garrick Street (Floral Street entrance), Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9BJ

Telephone: +44 207 240 5778 Email: enquiry@limafloral.com

Photography by Karl Cowell.

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