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Life Update

What I’ve been up to lately…

Happy Bank Holiday weekend! It’s so nice to finally have a couple of days to unwind and relax. I’ve been so crazy busy this year!

As well as the usual fashion, food and travel posts I also want to personalise the blog and Instagram a bit more with a few more personal posts, just like this.

I want to apologise for not updating the blog a regularly as I was. I’ve been posting about once a week which has is lowered compared to my usual 2-3 times a week. But after a hectic few months, hopefully, everything is starting to calm down so I can get back on top of things. Although despite that I’m still constantly on Instagram and Twitter.

I have about 30 posts in my drafts to share with you all. A mixture of travel and outfit posts from my Corfu, Sweden and Asia trips and reviews of my latest London foodie findings.

The past few months have been absolutely manic and a lot has changed (including my hair as you can see here!).

May to June was really exciting with lots of travelling around the UK (Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham), Europe and Asia.

It’s over two months now since I got back from Asia (it still feels like I haven’t even been, it flew by) and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. I am still working full time as well as blogging and freelancing for Metro and I’ll also be freelancing for another site too which I’ll reveal shortly.

Also next week I will be moving back to London and be living n Zone 2/3! I’m finally ditching the 4-5 hour daily commute (aha I know) to live much closer to work. Although sad to leave my family, I’ll only be an hour away, I’m so excited that this will really help me improve my blog. I’ll have more time to write without all of the travelling as well as more photography opportunities.

One of my latest posts also talks about recent health changes (another reason I’ve been slow on the articles lately) and how you can help support Crohn’s & Colitis UK’s latest campaign. It takes seconds!

I have lots of posts coming up very soon so please do keep checking back. I’m always open to ideas for posts too. A few readers suggested a lipstick post (I’m developing quite a collection) so this is definitely something I would like to do soon!

I’m constantly looking to update and improve the blog and Instagram. We even experimented with a few daring photos, like the below (I was terrified!)

Thank you so much to everyone for your continous support to Studded Kisses!

You can view my latest food posts here and fashion posts here.

What I’m wearing…

Sunglasses – ASOS

Dress – Motel Rocks

Shoes – Vans Old Skool via Amazon

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