• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Legally Blonde

Feeling Legally Blonde

Coat – Topshop

Hat – eBay

Shirt – Bershka

Jeans – Topshop

Imagine me walking through a village with this outfit on pulling a baby pink suitcase along? Yup I did that. I must have looked I’d stepped out of Legally Blonde. Just call me Elle Woods…

So this post may be a bit too wintery now but the weather is pretty unpredictable here and last week I actually had to dig this coat out again. I’m so confused by the weather, I should be used to it by now though.

So a year ago this week I was in Faliraki and two years ago, Italy. Scares me so much how quickly time flies, June 2013 literally feels like last week. I can remember everything so clearly. Although I wish this week I was on holiday I’m so happy with my new job and so excited for the future. I actually don’t miss uni one bit..yet! I love not having to worry about essays or exams, it feels amazing!

I always seem to ramble on and forget to talk about the outfit, sorry!

I bought these jeans in Topshop last summer and this shirt in Salou last June. I tend to hang onto clothes, I’m not any good at parting with things and like to try to get my wear out of them! A year ago I never wore jeans and since then I’ve bought four new pairs from Topshop and there are so many others in store right now I want to treat myself to! My style has got a lot more casual and basic lately, more black dresses and jeans and less bright clothes and brothel creepers. I wonder what I’ll be wearing this time next year?

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