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Lashes by Heidi – Eye Lash Lift & Tint

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

I had an eye lash lift and tint and it was a total game changer.

I went back to Maidstone for the weekend a few weeks ago and I decided to have my eye lashes lifted and tinted by Heidi (Lashes by Heidi).

I have very fair and short eye lashes so I love to pile on coats on mascara. I never wear false lashes because I’m a bad excuse for a girl and just cannot apply them. I’ve never had an eye lash lift and tint before so I thought I’d bite the bullet and give it a try. It’s like when I first got acrylic nails done two years ago as a one off treat. I’ve had acrylics ever since as their so addictive! Now I’ve had my lashes done, there’s no going back.

Lashes by Heidi offers lash treatments at such reasonable prices. I went for the lash tint and lift which is only £20. I chose this treatment as it lasts 6-8 weeks, there’s no need for mascara, no glue is used and my favourite part – there’s no maintenance! However Heidi also offers Individual Lash Extensions for £25.

The day before I went for my treatment I had a patch test to check that I wasn’t allergic to any of the products used during the treatment.

The pink and blue coloured lotions were right up my street…but unfortunately not the colour my lashes would be haha!

I returned the next day for my treatment without wearing any eye makeup. As you can see my eye lashes are very fair (it looks like I have none!) and I always hate how short they are. I like to have really dark and long lashes and I have to apply about 8 coats or more until I’m pleased with the look – and I still am never pleased!


The treatment straightens the lashes at the root. This is typically done by bending back the lashes and takes 40-60 minutes. It can feel weird lying down unable to open your eyes for so long but Heidi made me feel totally at ease throughout the treatment and the time went by so quickly. I was so comfortable and relaxed I could have easily just fallen asleep!

The results are instant and there was no worry of getting my lashes wet or caring for them after the treatment. Heidi gave me eye lash brushes to take away with me but there is no particular maintenance for the lashes after the treatment.


I am wearing zero eye make up in the above and below shots. These were taken a few hours after my lash tint and lift. My eye lashes look so much fuller and longer, a look I couldn’t get even with mascara!

I was so shocked and so happy with the results. I didn’t expect my lashes to look so bold and long without the use of make up or false eyelashes.

And below is another selfie a week after the treatment. I really love long, dark lashes with a lot of mascara so I’ve added a bit of mascara to emphasise the look of my lashes. But the treatment is a great way to save time and stop applying mascara every morning. The lash lift is still going strong and it has really sped up my makeup routine. It literally takes a second and one coat of mascara in the morning now instead of constantly coating my lashes. I’m SO impressed with the lift, I can’t imagine my eye lashes before it now!

I’m feeling so much more confident in myself since having them done and wearing no makeup is so much ‘less scary’ than before as my lashes make me feel like I am wearing mascara. I’m happier at what I look at in the mirror. But I think I may be a bit addicted now and this may be part of my regular beauty regime…Oops!

One very busy week! But one lovely lash lift and tint example:) only £20! 💌xo #lashlift #lashgoals #lashes #lashstylist A post shared by Heidi Smith (@lashesbyheidiuk) on Mar 5, 2017 at 5:24am PST

You can contact Heidi for treatment via Instagram or Facebook or via the details on the card below.

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