• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Ladbrokes Boat Party

We spent the night on a floating casino!

So I found out I would be attending the Ladbrokes party boat just few hours before we were due to board the floating casino full of bubbles and bloggers. I had to make a very stressful emergency shopping trip but it was totally worth it.

I love the pairing of this bodysuit and skirt, it reminds me of a Jones + Jones dress! These heels were Primark were such a bargain at £12 and match well with the tropical shades of the bodysuit.

On arrival we were handed a glass of champagne as well as £100 Ladbrokes note which we exchanged for chips. Unfortunately I didn’t win anything, maybe I shouldn’t have trusted Karl with my chips! Some lucky bloggers won prizes including an iPad.

We spent the night, courtesy of Ladbrokes, gambling, drinking, eating and meeting lots of new bloggers.

Coat & Heels – Primark

Top & Skirt – H&M

We sailed up and down the Thames for almost four hours, admiring the beautiful views and sipping on wine (and jagerbombs) which I regretted the next day.

Thank you Ladbrokes and Best British Bloggers for the invite, we had a fantastic time!

Photography by Karl Cowell

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