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Lace crop top

I’m all ‘Primarked’ out recently, it’s all I seem to wear! I don’t understand people who slate Primark, it may be cheap but that’s why it’s so amazing. Not only is it good for the bank account, I feel less guilty owning so many clothes and maybe throwing them out when they ‘go out of fashion’

I wore this crop tee a few weeks when it warmed up for one day! Surprise, surprise it poured down with rain the day after and has been freezing and snowy ever since!

I’m a bit confused with the news over GFC disappearing. Is it happening? Is it not? I’ve had a lot going on recently and lots of uni work so have been blogging but I have been a bit out of loop. Exams and work will be over by mid May so I can finally relax 😀

If GFC is disappearing please follow me here on Bloglovin’ and I’ll follow back!

Top, Skirt – Primark

Jacket – eBay

Boots – Daisy Street

#daisystreet #ebay #Primark

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