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July Glossybox – Glossybox fail !

Ok, I must admit this is probably the best box I received as everything included is what I use and fitted my profile SO well! Kind of disappointed I unsubscribed now but I may join again in a few months!

The fail is that two months in a row now Glossybox have ONLY put my name and town on the box! Luckily my local postman recognises my name (maybe because my surname is recognisable or it’s because he comes almost 3 times a week to deliver stuff hahah) Luckily I unsubscribed! When I tweeted them the issue they told me to contact someone else – hmmm helpful?

Anyway I can’t be completely mean as my box did have some really good things this month – as I’ve already said.

The little Elizabeth Arden samples are perfect for weekends away!

I love trying new hair products so can’t wait to try this and I colour my hair so well done GlossyBox for sending me something relevant 🙂

Wow tried this already and it’s fantastic! Definitely needed this earlier this summer on my holidays as for some reason my face just will not tan! So I could make my body finally match my face with this cream! Expect a review soon 🙂

I’m a sucker for lip products and cute packaging and nice scents so this is very me!

I’m always trying out new eyebrow products so I’m so so happy with this and it’s worth £19.50! SO pleased and it matches my skin and hair colour so well, can’t wait to try and review ASAP 🙂

Did you get a July Glossybox?

Ps. I’ve got a posts coming up on some DIY, Vintage spree and £1 make up bargains!

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