• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Jones + Jones Again

Dress – Jones + Jones

Wedges – Topshop

Another Jones + Jones bargain that I could not resist. As you have gathered from my previous posts, Jones + Jones are one of my favourite brands! I used to find it hard finding an occasion to wear these dresses out but now I just wear them out clubbing or just on a normal day out shopping. Theres no point hiding away a beautiful dress so I wear them no matter the occasion! Luckily this dress is a very simple LBD so it can be worn more often than my other Jones + Jones dresses I own.

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I was bought these shoes for £70 in Topshop last summer and I’ve only worn them twice 🙁 I had a fell over on holiday in them (Hahahah!) so now I’m too terrified to wear them incase fall over and embarrass myself…again! This goes for about eight or more pairs of heels that I own…what a waste!

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