• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Jones + Jones

Dress – Jones + Jones

Heels – Primark

Oh dear I only went and bought another Jones + Jones dress, actually I bought two in three days. That makes six and one skirt now 🙁 But this dress was such an amazing bargain I could not say no. I have never seen a Jones + Jones dress this cheap brand new and in my size (okay maybe it is a little too big!) I love Jones + Jones so much. Definitely my favourite brand of dresses.

I wore this to a cash cube event at my favourite club on my favourite night of the week. it was such a fun night, Thursday nights are one of the best! It’s funny, clubbing a lot at this place seems to have paid off because now I have landed the best job I could ever ask for! I cannot believe how things have worked out this summer but it has all fallen into place and now I’m onto my third job of the summer and I LOVE IT!

#JonesJones #Primark #Topshop

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