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It’s a beautiful day

Every time I go out I have a good time. You just got to smile and have fun and make a good thing out of anything! Even though I do have fun every time I go out last weekend definitely stands out as one of the best! It was possibly the best weekend in a while! 2013 has been so unlucky for me, it’s just one thing after another being thrown at me I’m scared what is going to come next but I was so happy last weekend and still am now. I’m back to having the fun I had two years ago and I feel like I’m back to the person I was before (I never realised this ‘me’ disappeared until recently) who is optimistic about everything and who wakes up smiling.

I just had SO much last weekend that I had to dedicate a blog post to it! I should have been at home studying…but it was worth it! I think I had too much fun because I posted way too many photos on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook.

It started off on Friday when firstly I went to uni to do some work for a big deadline. After about 4 hours there I made my way to my friends university for her and her housemates surprise party! I’ve never been to a surprise party and it was not a disappointment. I loved my best friends reaction when she saw me there, she had no idea I would be travelling down to see her. She thought she was going for a meal with her housemates!

(I wore the fur coat not realising the weather would be so warm that weekend…)

Here are some photos from the American themed surprise party! There were red cups…I’ve always wanted to drink from a red cup (please tell me I’m not the only one, or do I just sound really weird now?) After a game of beer pong and some dancing we made our way to The Forum in Hertfordshire. I’m so sad my best friend is going to America because I’m going to miss going to The Forum! (oh and I will miss her too of course haha 😉 )

After a great night out and lunch the next day at the student bar we headed into central London. My parents actually had a hotel in central for the night and basically my parents are more like my mates so we went and hung out with them for the weekend. They come out with us and even my friends enjoy going out with them.

My parents bought me this magnet in Joy, love it!

We ended up all staying at their hotel as my friends missed the last tube and the night bus didn’t turn up in time to make the last train. It was such a funny night and just a taster for our holiday together in June (ahaha I know it sounds so weird, my parents, me and my friends going away together :P)

The next day my parents and I went to Brick Lane for lunch and shopping! As I was getting ready I noticed this photo shoot happening from our hotel window.

My dream location for student accommodation. There was a poster which said the room prices started from £260PW. WOW. I wouldn’t call that student prices!

Fashion street…my kind of street!

My cool Dad haha!

Posing with the onions!

We stopped off for lunch in Brick Lane where I picked up some chinese from one of the inside stalls. We then went onto Rokit where I bought a dress, blazer and a blouse. I did plan to go to a £1 vintage sale near Stepney Green but we came across one in Brick Lane which was totally rubbish so I didn’t fancy going to the one I planned to go to as I expected it would be a disappointment too!

We also got stalked this day by a girl who wanted our photo for her blog…everywhere we went she was there with her camera taking photos of us. Very weird.

I went to Jones+Jones at Old Spitalfields Market. Oh my, I could buy so much from there. I already own four dresses from there and I was pleased I walked out empty handed especially after wanting so many of the dresses on sale. But £60-5 is a lot to spend on an impulse buy. This is the dress I didn’t want to let go of.

Below are some photos of what I bought in Rokit.

In this photo I’m just expressing my happiness because the weekend was so brilliant! (or I’m just being weird/random)

Below are some more photos from the amazing surprise party. Such a fun night, I want to repeat it all over again.

And to sum up me right now here is a song which explains my situation and exactly how I’m feeling :’)

Ps. I will bring back eBay finds posts in a few weeks!

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