• Roxii Hoare-Smith

I went a bit nail varnish crazy!

A little browse in Kingston and Wimbledon turned into me buying a few nail varnishes…I couldn’t resist!

Elegant touch false nails in chocolate.

I’m so excited to try these! I used to wear false nails when I was younger (put on myself because I HATE nail files so can’t really go get them done professionally but lets not get into that!) but they were always too long but these look like a great size and won’t get in my way.

I bought these for £3.55 in Superdrug, they have a few other colours that price too. Saw the exact ones for £6.50 in Boots!

Will probably try these next week so will post photos if they go on successfully!

17 Magnetic nail varnish in silver

I bought this last year in green but always wanted silver, it’s finally back in stock! The green works really well and I was told the silver looks even better and you can see the magnetised look even more. Hopefully post pictures once I’ve tried this a week or two (I’m rubbish at painting nails though!)

Barry M

Superdrug deal at the moment, buy 2 Barry M products and get a free kohl pencil 🙂

Since about last October I’ve been after Barry M Croc effect but no where sold it, saw it featured in a few magazines though. But finally, everywhere seems to have it! I’ll try this soon and post pictures, I’m so excited to see what it turns out like! It’s meant to be like this: images

I also got a peach colour and free I chose the silver eyeliner. I took pictures of it on but they didn’t show it up well so tried to draw it on paper so show its soft and creamy and goes on really well 🙂

Nail varnishes on my list that I need to buy soon:

– Blue Rimmel crackle

– Red Rimmel crackle

– ‘Blue moon’ Barry M

Peace ring

I have so many peace sign items – my phone case, rings, necklaces, bracelets, clothes even my tattoo! So had to get this in Miss Selfridge – this post is on nail varnish but I bought this the same day so thought might as well post it here! Its £4 but luckily I got it for £2 as its buy one get one half price in Miss Selfridge at the moment on jewellery.

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