• Roxii Hoare-Smith

I’ma take your grandpa’s style…

SUCH BAD PHOTOS SORRY and my hair looks like a lion 🙂

Top – Primark

Skirt – Boohoo

Boots – Dr Marten

Belt – Grandads

My hair looks pretty wild here! I didn’t style it’s just how it dried and brushed it after washing it, not that it even looks any good hahahahah.

I think the title is quite relevant as I am wearing my Grandads hand me downs! I love this belt, it goes with everything and makes some outfits look so much better. Especially this skirt as it’s like 2 or 3 sizes too big (my bad I always over estimate hahah)

This crop polo was an amazing £4 in Primark and is made of such thick material. It has two buttons at the back but I can’t keep it buttoned up for long maybe I have a fat neck but it’s SO tight and so uncomfortable. Not sure I will be able to wear this top too often, too painful!

My boots are a size 6 they look like size 12 in these photos…

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