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I love Primark

Before I worked weekends, I shopped in Primark all the time. I still go in there often because you can get some really great things (although the thing I hate now, theres so many Primark stores around if you buy something I often see a million people wearing it. For example a top I bought there and wore out to Oceana once, I saw about five girls wearing it that night!) I haven’t been to Ireland since August but I visited three times last year and Penneys – Primark – is amazing! I bought so many things in there which I’ve never seen in the UK stores. I think I need another Dublin trip ASAP!

Anyway so before I gave up shopping for lent I bought a few of these bras.

(I chose to post on this as these are the only photos I had on my laptop already – I’m having camera issues!)

Back in January I bought a blue lacey bra top for £1 – bargain! I bought it at Lakeside, wasn’t sure if I’d like it but at such a low price thought it was worth a try and after trying it on I didn’t regret it. I thought it would be great to wear sunbathing/around the pool in the summer when I go on holiday.

I was so pleased I ended up buying an orange one from Primark’s new collection in February, sadly this was £3 – still a bargain – at the Kingston store. I haven’t worn any of them yet but I’m a little obsessed and bought another when I was in Manchester last month in pink – this was £1…yay!

Lovely photo of my bra v__v

In the picture you can also see the strapless and backless bra I got for £5 in Primark to wear with my Jones+Jones dress. Never tried one of these before, so this will be interesting! DSC_9486__85696_std.JPG < my dress

I’m thinking of maybe buying the same dress in black- _MG_5705__52533_zoom.jpg

This is a little random, but below is a picture of a dress I bought for £18 in Select last month, I forgot to add it to my previous posts. I haven’t worn it yet but I’m sure I’ll add photos soon! I’ll probably wear it with a black leather jacket and maybe my black studded Topshop slipper shoes!

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