• Roxii Hoare-Smith

How To Style A Floral Shirt: Part Two

Managed to take these around London Bridge when London was surprisingly dry and actually was warmer…than usual!

Here is part two of how I styled my £4.55 Berketex BHF shirt 😉

Jacket – River Island

Disco Pants – AA (they’ve gone up by £4 now!)

Creepers – Underground

Shirt – British Heart Foundation/Berketex

I wasn’t prepared for this photo I was actually moving my hair out of my face haha!

Oops wind in my face and a serious pose

Being too cool and climbed up here to take some photos…hehe

I know I have a big bum, but has anyone else noticed their disco pants are starting to ladder around the bottom area?

Again very windy…

Hahaha I am such an embarrassment!

I love London so much, one day I MUST live nearer or in central London <3

With my punk rocker dad who just had his hair dyed….purple hahahahah!

I also got to visit the new Tottenham Court Road Primark this day. WOW. It is heaven!

Four floors

No queues

No pushing

MUCH less people than Marble Arch Primark.

It’s amazing & I managed to get these shoes for £25! (Lucky, as earlier my mum was persuading me to let her get me some JC night walks! Saved £110 there!)

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