• Roxii Hoare-Smith

How To Style A Floral Shirt: Part One

I look pretty rough in these photos, they were taken late and I had been up and wearing the make up like 15+ hours but anyway (I’m not doing one of those “I’m so ugly posts” and add loads of photos of myself but I just want to explain in case anyone noticed I look worn out/tired hahaha)

I was trying on this outfit and hope to wear it out soon – & thought I would quickly take some photos while I had the time!

Here is how I styled the shirt with a black glittery Topshop dress-

Tied up so the dress acts as a skirt

I recently bought this shirt for £4.55 (random price) in the British Heart Foundation, it was hanging up on the size 18 rail but it is MUCH smaller than an 18, more like a size 10-12.

It’s not normally something I would choose but now I’m in love with it!

Shirt in full length buttoned up

Shirt unbuttoned to act as like a cardigan

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