• Roxii Hoare-Smith


Dress – Missguided

Converse – Sports Direct

So yesterday this dress arrived (with a load of other things) from Missguided! I was meant to order this ages ago for my holidays back in June but chickened out because I was scared I was buying too much. Somehow, without even realising, I didn’t buy anything for over a month so the other day I went a bit crazy and had a bit of a spree! I love the style and look of this dress although I’m a bit disappointed with the holographic look. It’s completely different to how I imagined and the holographic print isn’t as noticeable as I thought it would be!

Still it’s a nice casual dress in this summery weather (I can’t believe how amazing this weather has been lately!!) and I can even wear it in winter with black tights and boots. I’m actually quite excited for winter to wear tights, trousers and boots again.

Talking about winter, I actually picked up a new coat on Sunday in Primark. It’s an amazing dupe of the coat I wanted from Zara last winter. I wanted it SO bad but it sold out and most dupes I found were quite expensive. So happy to finally get my hands on something so similar!

A very serious photo of me below wearing the coat, haha!

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