• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Hen night

Dress – Rare via Topshop

Clutch & Heels – Zara

Last week I went to a hen night at a local hotel for a comedy night, meal & disco followed by a night cap at the pub! Maybe this dress was a little over the top for a comedy night but then again I think that is probably me all over it when it comes to picking outfits out – I always pick something a little too ‘out there’.

I actually bought this dress in January 2011 for just £5 (yes £5) in Topshop. I wanted it when it was £60 so for £5 how could I say no! This is only the second time I’ve worn it and it seems to fit me much better now – this means I’ve put on weight then 🙁 haha!

My blog is finally starting to get back to normal. This is the first time since April/May I’ve had some days to relax and have the time to read some blogs and blog myself. I still haven’t fixed Bloglovin yet as they keep ignoring my emails 🙁 So please follow my new account and I will follow back!

#rare #Topshop #Zara

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