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Hammersmith Ram Review

An evening at the recently refurbished Hammersmith Ram.

Arriving at the Hammersmith Ram on King Street I realised I’d actually been to the pub before but it had changed dramatically since my last visit. The Ram is a great place to chill out before a gig at The Apollo or after shopping in King Street – I’d noticed the shopping in Hammersmith has really upped its game since I was there.

The pub is located on the former site of The Builder’s Arms. Young’s took over the pub in 1966 creating ‘The Hammersmith Ram’, inspired by the group’s emblem and mascot. As a Young’s shareholder I was excited to try out the newly refurbished pub.

Upon arrival we were immediately impressed with the new decor and as it was just before Christmas, the sparkling decorations. The decor is bright and airy with a stunning cream, green and teal colour scheme. The pub has a contemporary rustic look to it with exposed bulbs, brick walls and a dark wood bar. The walls are adorned with quirky framed gig posters and I particularly liked the David Bowie tribute.

We began our evening with a bottle of my favourite wine, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. The Ram serves Featherdrop Bay priced at £25 per bottle. The wine was crisp and fruity with fresh notes of citrus and passion fruit. Seriously, nothing beats a chilled glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, even on a chilly December eve it’s still my favourite.

For starters we shared two sides between three of us. We went for the Dirty Fries (£9) which was a considerably large portion which even between three of us we struggled with. This had to be my favourite dish between the two. A large bowl of fries smothered in in pulled pork, guacamole and sour cream, a bowl of heaven basically as I am a huge sour cream lover. We also shared the Ogleshield macaroni cheese (£6). Again the portion was huge, the bowl may look small but it seemed never ending. Being a bit of self proclaimed Macaroni Connoisseur my only criticism is that it wasn’t cheesy enough, but a sprinkle of pepper helped enhance the flavour.

Picking a main course was difficult as everything on the main menu and burger menu sounded incredible. The Ram’s menu is a collection of updated classics such as lobster and crayfish roll with avocado and curly fries and Reuben sandwich with Swiss cheese. At the back of the pub there is a brand new resident Burger Shack where diners can enjoy premium stacked specialities such as The Streaky (a prime British beef patty with ale onions, melted cheese, maple cured bacon, shredded lettuce, pickles, ketchup and mayo) and The Veggie (a lentil and mozzarella patty topped with crispy beetroot, fennel, shredded lettuce, sour cream and pickles).

Between us we ordered The Streaky burger from the Burger Shack (£14), the Bangers and Mash priced a very reasonable £9.50 for three sausages with mash and the 8 oz New York strip with fries (£20).

The indulgent Streaky burger came smothered in cheese with a generous helping of bacon on the patty and a large side of curly fries.

The bangers and mash was huge, it was probably enough for two to share as a main! Under £10 this dish was very affordable and would keep you full all day (or until the next morning, as we found).

I absolutely adored the New York Strip. The meat was lean and full flavoured, the roasted Shallot added a great burst of flavour to the dish.

The food was amazing and I’d definitely come back to dine especially when I’m next in the area for a concert. Our host looked after us incredibly well and made us feel really relaxed and comfortable. But unfortunately he went on his break during our meal, which of course isn’t a problem, but this was just as they began preparing for the pub quiz.

If you visit on a Tuesday I recommend sitting at the back of the pub unless you plan on taking part in the pub quiz. Luckily we arrived an hour early at 6.30pm for our reserved table, as at 8.15pm as we were finishing up our main course we were told we had to leave our table for the quiz. Fortunately we were just finishing up as our dinners were thrown away by the pub quiz host as we gathered our belongings to leave the table.

We found ourselves standing confused bundled with our coats, bags and glasses of wine in the middle of the pub. Luckily there was another table for us to sit at but sadly we were forgotten about and weren’t asked if we would like dessert. However I would assume if I was visiting as a customer I would go up to the bar to order this however I was visiting as a guest so it can get a bit confusing!

I particularly liked the sound their shakes so I’ll be returning to try these. The Honey comb vanilla milkshake with Jack Daniels Honey (£7.50) and the Raspberry Milkshake with Absolut Raspberri vodka (£7.50) sounded very inciting.

Hammersmith Ram

81 King St



W6 9HW

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