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Halva Bakery Fulham Review

I reviewed Halva Bakery in Fulham Road.

After taking a few blog photos in Parsons Green, my photographer for the afternoon (mum haha) and I popped into Halva Bakery on Fulham Road.

Halva opened just last year, it’s a cosy independent bakery and patisserie which offers a huge variety of bread, pastries, cakes and artisan coffee. On arrival, even after a long look at the drink menu boards, I just couldn’t decide what to order! So I went with an English breakfast tea. After noticing there was a Matcha latte on offer and seeing other guests order the most delicious looking smoothies I definitely developed drink envy.

Then we choose a savoury dish each, all are freshly made in house so I assume this may change slightly each day. My mum went for the feta and spinach quiche. I’m not a fan of quiche but I couldn’t help but reach across the table on more than three occasions to cheekily help myself, it was amazing.

I was slightly jealous, but I couldn’t complain. I had a roll stuffed with mushrooms and brie cheese which was incredible. The perfect mid afternoon snack!

Halva Bakery has an impressive marshmallow, meringue and macaron selection. As I was leaving I noticed signs for Foie Gras and Champagne Macarons, which sound amazing! I love to try anything unusual! It’s the perfect place to pick up some unusual gifts for someone with a sweet tooth (or savoury if you go for the Foie Gras Macarons!) They also provide a wide range of bespoke, stunning cakes, baked to order for all special occasions.

Halva is owned by Lila Sarhang, who classically trained as a pastry chef in France, before deciding to realize her dream and launch her first venture in the capital. Lila, who is also head baker, and her team handcraft and bake all the sumptuous offerings onsite every day.

Throughout our time in the cafe it was very busy. A few people sat down to eat and there were a lot of customers popping in just to buy bread, smoothies or marshmallows. It was non-stop.

The cafe has a lovely outside space but unfortunately visiting in December we were unable to make the most of it! You can tell that Halva is a popular spot for locals. Guests can pop in to grab a coffee and quick bite or stay and relax whilst soaking up the stylish surroundings. With such a wide selection on offer there is a dish and drink to suit anyone.

We had been admiring the Halva‘s bread throughout our visit and we were delighted when we were presented with a loaf each to take home. It was as delicious as we had imagined. The French traditional baguettes are made using French flour known as “tradition flour”, as well as other loaves using locally sourced rye and spelt flours. The selection of breads truly reflects the creativity of the team at Halva, with several different varieties on offer.

After admiring everything on the counter we were so excited for our sweet treats.

I decided to go for something a bit different and try their Matcha white chocolate cake. For £4.70 the portion is absolutely huge and will definitely needed to be shared and/or taken away! The cake was good however quite dry and I wasn’t too sure of the taste, but this was due to the matcha. I think I got quite unlucky here as as you can see from the photographs the cakes and pastries look divine.

Just looking at the chocolate cake and pistachio and chocolate cookies makes my mouth water!

Mum went for the Coconut and white chocolate flapjack which was incredible. Just like the quiche I kept leaning across for another taste. I think I lucked out big time here! I’m in Fulham Road quite often for meetings so I think I’ll be popping by just for another bite of this flapjack!

Halva is a lovely little hideout conveniently located just a few minutes walk from Parsons Green station on Fulham Road. It’s just a stone throw away from some of the famous MIC hangouts.

It’s the perfect spot to chill out whilst indulging in exquisite savouries and sweet treats.

Halva Bakery

771 Fulham Road



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