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You may have seen my recent post on picking a dress for the big day here. I eventually found a dress! I went with this beautiful white fur rimmed dress from Topshop but dilemma…

As you can see I am wearing a completely different outfit! Unfortunately when meeting me after work in London my parents forgot to pack my dress, fortunately for me (or them, as I wasn’t angry) I found out this out over dinner in Soho. I made a quick dash to Oxford Street and I picked up the above coordinate in Miss Selfridge. I would link it but I can’t find it online yet! I can’t complain, I may have spent more money but I’ve got new Christmas party outfit to wear now. I may also have red hair but I don’t really care about wearing clothes that clash!

I have been SO excited about graduation and now it’s over I am so gutted! I regret a few things to:

1. I didn’t get a photo throwing my cap in the air! 2. I didn’t really get any photos with anyone 3. I didn’t get any nice photos on my camera/enough photos of me in my gown

I got so excited and caught up in the whirlwind of it all that I didn’t think, I wish I could relive this amazing day all over again. If you are graduating soon, cherish it, it really is one of the best days ever. It was so good to see people after months and it made me realise how much I missed university!

I had an amazing ceremony followed by a drinks reception at Guildhall in Kingston. My family and I then went for a celebratory meal with Las Iguanas and then for drinks with my lecturers at a pub in Kingston. It was such a fabulous day and thank you Karl for my graduation present 🙂

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