• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Gordon’s Gin Crisps & Dips at HIPCHIPS

London is full of amazing foodie hotspots and Soho is one of my favourite places in London to find these gems.

I love trying anything different so I have been dying to try out HIPCHIPS Soho for so long. So when I heard that they had new Gordon’s Gin dips I had to try them. What’s better than crisps with alcohol infused dips!?

GORDON’S Gin partnered with Soho’s new crisp and dips cafe HIPCHIPS to launch a bespoke crisp n dip snaking box. HIPCHIPS and GORDON’S have created three deliciously moreish savoury and pudding style dips with an unexpected and delightful GORDON’S gin twist. Flavours include:

Beets, Maple, Feta and Gordon’s Gin

Lime and Gordon’s Gin Cheesecake

Gooseberry, Elderflower and Gordon’s Gin

We ordered two medium boxes – 1 with sweet crisps and 1 savoury crisps each served with 3 dips priced at £6.75 a box.

The GORDON’S gin box came with savoury salted chips and the 3 dips mentioned above. I was completely obsessed with the Beets, Maple, Feta and Gordon’s Gin dip which I completely demolished to myself. It was insanely good and a dip that HIPCHIPS 100% need to add to their menu permanently. The best dip I have ever had and that says a lot for me – chips and dip is my absolute favourite snack.

The other 2 dips were sweet – Lime and Gordon’s Gin Cheesecake and Gooseberry, Elderflower and Gordon’s Gin. These dips are not loved by everyone as they are quire unusual but I thought they were great. Both had a lovely summery flavour to them and were so refreshing – just like a G&T! I’d never thought of trying savoury crisps with a sweet dip but it worked so well.

In our second box we tried the sweet crisps which are covered in cinnamon sugar. We ordered these with 3 sweet dips which I regretted after having the beets and feta dip as it made me crave more savoury dips!

The selection of dips is amazing! In a medium box you can pick 3 dips each with toppings. Here are some of the dips available:

You can also pick a garnish for your dip.

For the sweet box we went for Cheesecake with oreo garnish, Chocolate praline mousse and Peanut butter with jam. All which were wonderfully tasty and surprising went so well with crisps. I would never have pictured myself enjoying crisps with a sweet dip but the dips paired so well with both the sweet and savoury crisps!

HIPCHIPS also serves alcohol (and you can enjoy gin with the gin dips!) but I went for a sparkling apple drink instead.

Each box comes with napkins and hand wipes as it can get a bit messy!

Here are some of the quirky signs up around HIPCHIPS which add to the great design.

We had such an enjoyable evening at HIPCHIPS. I loved the unusual selection of dips and the generous helpings of both crisps and dip. The boxes are so affordable. The crisps felt like a never ending portion so we ended up taking the boxes and dips home to enjoy later on as surprisingly we got pretty full.

The staff were so wonderfully friendly and welcoming and were happy to just sit with us and chat. It made such a difference to the evening and we were made to feel like we were popping in to see old friends. Great customer service can really make a difference to an experience and HIPCHIPS has got customer service spot on.


49 Old Compton Street




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