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Going back in time

I bought this dress on eBay a while back (January actually). The seller claims it’s an original 1940s dress (and apparently unworn!?)

This type of dress really isn’t me but I love to mix up my style and I wanted something different. This is very different compared to the rest of my wardrobe. I really hope I find an occasion to wear it, even if it is just shopping on a sunny day! I need to find some sensible shoes to wear this outfit with though, these won’t last me even a few hours.

Also my hair is never like this because I can never get it to stay like this for longer than a minute or two, wah. Although looking back at these photos I’m not so keen on my hair like this anyway so maybe it’s not such a bad thing…I’m rambling now.

(As usual I am wearing my grandads belt from the 1940s/50s so this outfit is very vintage haha!)

Dress – eBay

Belt – Grandads

Heels – Zara

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