• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Glittery Polo and Purple Disco Pants

I wore this outfit out recently to a Silly String night (random I know but so fun!)

My black disco pants are completely gone now, the bottom is almost see through and there is elastic sticking out everywhere and they’ve starting going baggy. Ridiculous for £74 for a pair of trousers which have lasted me 8 months! You would expect something that expensive to last a lot longer.

I’m determined to keep my purple disco pants in a better condition so I’m going to save these for nights out and not just wear them to uni like I do with my black pair!

Anyway in these photos I look so serious and pouty. I need to cheer up jeez and stop looking so posey and full of myself! If I get a family member to take photos I’m fine behind the camera but as soon as I take photos in front of people I freeze and get so nervous!

Being a weirdo on the ladder hahahaha!

Top, Shoes, Clutch – Primark Disco Pants – American Apparel

#AmericanApparel #discopants #Primark

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