• Roxii Hoare-Smith


Wearing my most featured brand, Motel Rocks!

Dress – Motel Rocks

Shoes – Topshop

Once again I am wearing my favourite brand – Motel Rocks! I’m obsessed! Talking of being obsessed with something. Gingham.

This summer I bought gingham jeans, two gingham dresses and a gingham top. I guess it takes me back to my school days as this outfit really does remind me of something I wore in primary school.

As you can see I am also wearing a matching baby blue bindi. I want to wear them everyday but just wearing it this one time I got a few people looking at me strangely or pointing out that I was wearing it. I bought so many packets back from India with me though as they are so much cheaper than buying them here. (I can’t say a price as some were presents for people ;))

I am off to London Fashion Week on Friday with the Studded Kisses photographer (aka my boyfriend Karl!) so watch out for updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Expect a blog post soon too.

If like me you are no longer a student and you are missing student discount. DON’T WORRY. You can still get money off Motel Rocks with the code below!

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