• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Galaxy Midi

Top – Primark

Belt – Primark

Skirt – Topshop

Heels – Primark

(Yeah I like Primark)

Crazy poses below because I need to stop looking so moody in the photos!

Oh my, when I found this skirt in Topshop I almost cried – I think I need to go to rehab for clothes obsession?

I have ‘umed’ and ‘ahhed’ over this skirt for ages now and when I finally decided I HAD to have it, everywhere was sold out, I lost auctions on eBay and even Topshop online didn’t have any left! I searched all my local and London stores on Topshop and each one said it was no longer in stock – LIE! I managed to find it on the ‘last chance to buy’ rack in my size just outside London! I was so happy!

Now that’s bought let’s move onto the next ‘I wanted that item forever I must have it now’ etc.

Still haven’t worn these shoes out yet! I don’t trust myself!

#Primark #Topshop

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