• Roxii Hoare-Smith


Gilet – Stradivarius

Top/dress – eBay

Belt – Grandads

Shorts – Bershka

Creepers – Underground

Bag – Zara

Found these photos in my drafts, these photos were taken from the day I moved into my house I am living in now which was over eight months ago. Scary how fast time goes huh?

Soon Summer will be here, I will be done with uni, starting full time at my new job (I am a PR intern!) and I can wear shorts and my gilet with short sleeved tops like this again (well on weekends!) Hurray! I hope I have a tan too! Hoping to get a bit of a tan this summer BUT this is me we are talking about so probably not! I should also start on working on getting these legs back too, I just can’t resist sitting at my desk working and getting through a pack of rich tea biscuits or custard creams. I am too weak. But oh well in less than three weeks I will be finished with third year. Scary!

#Zara #ebay #Creepers #Vintage #stradivarius #Brothelcreepers #Underground #bershka

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