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Four Winters Review

Where to get liquid nitrogen ice cream in London.

London is full of fascinating and unique foodie trends. As soon as I heard about Four Winters, which serves up liquid nitrogen ice cream, I knew I had to try this new dessert innovation.

Four Winters opened its first UK parlour in London, opposite Gloucester Road underground station, in April.

The parlour offers ice cream and shakes all inspired by the four seasons. The menu changes with the seasons and for the summer there are incredible flavours on offer including a very appropriate Pina Colada or Spicy mango pineapple sorbet. Being a huge peanut butter fan I loved the sound of Peanut butter cup. The quintessentially British Afternoon Tea flavour sounded amazing too.

After a lot of debating, we finally decided to order the Raspberry cookie and Knafeh. I was intrigued by the Knafeh flavour as I had never heard of it before. We were told that this flavour is a take on a classic Middle Eastern dessert. The ice cream flavour is blended with kataifi dough and syrup, then sprinkled with pistachio.

The liquid nitrogen ice cream is stored as seen above and then flash frozen right in front of your eyes in seconds.

We curiously watched the magical transition happen in front of us, absolutely fascinated.

Ice creams are made to order and boasts a range of topping including Scones, Vermicelli, coconut, marshmallow, cornflake crunch and many more for your bespoke creation.

The ice cream was so smooth and creamy with no signs of any ice. The Knafeh ice cream was delicious, covered in pistachio and vermicelli.

Although if I had to choose, Raspberry cookie was probably my favourite, mainly because I have a biscuit/cookie obsession. The ice cream is mixed with tart raspberries and buttery shortbread cookies.

Each ice cream is from £5 each.

The parlour is open Monday to Saturday from 12pm until 11pm and Sunday from 1pm until 10pm.

Four Winters

103 Gloucester Rd



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