• Roxii Hoare-Smith

First week of the Easter break!

As usual here are some photos from my week 🙂

Me and my boyfriend taking some photos on Monday 😛

We went to my friends BBQ after and had two runs to Costa Coffee as well as another trip to Heathrow airport – at 5am this time (zzzz) 😛

I went to Westfield Stratford on tuesday with my family. We went to Giraffee for lunch where I had a Rosie Rose cocktail and chicken quesdillas !

I finally got to have Pinkberry, been dying to try this for years! I never made it there when I went to New York 3 years ago. To be honest it’s no different to SNOG or Yuforia.

Below: My watermelon Pink Berry with melon, Cap’tn crunch and fruit pebbles.

My Giraffe Quesdilla 🙂

I like taking photos of food!

I went to Tunbridge Wells on Thursday and went to the Wetherspoons there, it looked so nice inside! Tried the new ice cream sundae off of the new menu 😉

Then I found this in my sundae… v___v not impressed! I thought it was a chocolate flake!

They wouldn’t refund me! Plus they overcharged me by £6.30 and didn’t give us our free drinks with our meal. Disappointed, I thought I was Wetherspoons best customer!

All the eggs at my house! I got 10 this year, I’m so lucky haha!

My poor attempt at painting smily faces on my nails, I left my best yellow nail varnish at uni, oops!

Eggs from my boyfriend, these were missing from the previous picture!

On Easter Saturday I made marzipan cocktails for my family 🙂

^ The ingredients for a marzipan cocktail!

On Easter Sunday, my boyfriend took me on a surprise drive and we ended up at Port Lympne zoo. Had so much fun and we got an annual pass (for only £6 extra each) so will be going a lot more this summer 😀

The animal (above) which sprayed water…from it’s bum hahah!

All photos are Ben’s photography 🙂

Annual pass :’)

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