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Festival Fashion // Standon Calling with Ceru

What I wore to Standon Calling Festival.

You can see my first Standon Calling post here.

I have seen so many dreamy festival fashion looks on Instagram so was really excited to put together outfits for Standon Calling. But when it came to the day I had no idea what to wear!

In a bit of a rush I ended up putting this casual ensemble featuring an oversized t-shirt I bought when I was in Tokyo recently (as this appeared to be quite the trend there.) I’ve never been one for caps but I’ve been drawn in by this recent cap trend so bought a New York Yankees cap from Topshop. Teenage me would be shaking her head in disapproval. It’s funny how your style taste changes.

To brighten up my festival look I wore Mac Retro liquid lipstick in Recollection and had my face covered in pink, purple and silver glitter. For when it got a bit chillier I bought a pink holographic mac. Fortunately it was warm and sunny throughout our stay so it wasn’t needed for any rain but it added a bit more colour to my outfit.

Why can’t I go around with this look all the time?

Cap and Shirt – Topshop

Oversized tee – Stall in Harajuku, Tokyo

Holographic Jacket – Missguided

Boots – Dr Marten

Bag – New Look

Fluffy Accessory – Primark

Lipstick – Mac Liquid Lipstick in Recollection

I had such a wonderful time at Standon Calling! The festival is so fun and quirky. The festival is suitable for everyone, from families with children to teenagers, it really is suitable for all ages. Everyone was dressed up and you can wear whatever you want and be as outrageous as possible and people will admire you rather than judge you. We saw some amazing under the sea themed costumes from jelly fish umbrellas to glittery mermaids to Finding Nemo lost in the coral. It was pretty impressive!

Standon Calling is so laid back and chilled with such a nice crowd of people. I could see myself coming back here in the future.

Surprisingly it was my first camping. I’m a bit of a diva and have avoided camping but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved it so much and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! I’m definitely up for more festivals and camping.

I had such a chilled out time at Standon Calling with Ceru. Sipping on cider in the sun and indulging in delicious Levantine cuisine. If only I could do this every weekend!

You can see the rest of my festival fashion looks on my Instagram.

Thank you for having us Ceru!

Their new permanent restaurant is opening in South Kensington in October 2016.

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