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Feeling 90s

I keep buying things miles too big for myself recently! Items which are 1-2 times bigger, I kind of forget that the last item I bought didn’t fit which means this one won’t either?

But most of the time it’s because that is the only size left and I MUST HAVE IT NOW so I get the smallest size that is left, which is often 1, 2 or 3 times my size. oh dear.

Anyway, I was watching this crop top on eBay last year sometime unaware it was still for sale on ASOS and it wasn’t until like a month later and I realise there was a matching skirt! It was an impulse buy (literally two clicks and it was mine, OH ASOS why do you make it so easy for me to click BUY?)

I wasn’t sure when I first put the outfit on but now I’m obsessed with it and saving it for when the weather warms up (and so my mum can take in the top for me a bit, the belt can fix the skirt). Although, with fashion week coming up I think I could work this in the winter. Maybe a cardigan hidden under the jacket will keep me warm? I would love to wear this outfit to London Fashion Weekend. I know the outfit isn’t totally glam, but walking around all day from show to show you need to stay comfortable. You can’t fall over, make a fool of yourself or possibly break your camera during those street style shots! That is why I would wear flats, even though I love heels, I need to stay comfortable if I want to enjoy myself!

As you may have noticed this belt keeps making an appearance on my blog. It is also my new obsession, I just worry I’m going to break it as it’s so old (around 65 years old) It was my grandads and my mums when they were the same age as me so it has been through a lot!

Top – ASOS

Skirt – ASOS

Belt – Grandads

Shoes – Underground

Jacket – Rokit

I know this is totally random but here is my Motel Rocks discount code is you’re interested hehe

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