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February Favourites

I’m always finding new products that I love to recommend, so I thought I would start a cliche blogger monthly favourite post where I recommend what I’ve loved using the past month.

This won’t just be beauty products, I’ll also be including foodie items!

I recently discovered online cosmetic Glo & Ray. I’m always on the look out for different make up brands which sell bright and bold makeup but at affordable prices this is often hard to find. However, my prayers have been answered by Glo & Ray!

They have a large selection of bold and bright colours in lipsticks, eyeliners and eyeshadows. I loved the eyeshadows the most. There’s a variety of colours and each one I tested was so pigmented. They look so bright when applied and I didn’t even need to apply a primer to enhance the colour or to keep it  in place. They didn’t crease or fade even after all day wear!

Below I am wearing the Glo & Ray eyeshadow in Bonfire which is just £5.90. With their touch mono focus eyeshadows you can create your own custom-made palettes, which is useful as I am fed up with buying palettes which include colours that I know I’ll never use.

Glo & Ray have recently announced that selected products are now stocked on BeautyMART and within their Topshop (Oxford Circus) concession, making them even easier to get hold of!

I also tried the Skybreaker eyeliner (£5.50) in Garnet, but there’s lots of other cool bold shades – I particularly like the look of of Orchid or Summer Sky as I am trying to brighten my makeup looks. I can’t believe how well this eyeliner stays on, it removes easily with makeup remover but it doesn’t budge or smudge when I swatched it. (See swatches below)

If you know me well you’ll know that I am a lipstick addict so I’m always really excited to try out new brands and colours. I tried the La Amo lipstick (£12) in Gerbera as I surprisingly didn’t actually own an orange shade. It was nourishing on the lips (unusual for matte shades!) and also so bold in colour. Now I really want to try the rest of the collection!

You can see a few more of my looks on Instagram, here and here.

Here are the swatches of the products I tried:

I’ve been using Paul Mitchell products since I was a child (I had the kids hair care collection).

What I love about Paul Mitchell is that their products are never tested on animals and haven’t been since the brand launched in 1980. For 2016  Paul Mitchell is supporting the No Animal Testing campaign, with the campaign plastered over their products, to raise awareness and hopefully put an end to animal testing in the future!

I’ve picked out my favourite Paul Mitchell products that I’ve been trying out over the past month.

From left to right…

Paul Mitchell Moisture Daily Shampoo and Conditioner:

This is the perfect set for everyday use (although I’m trying really hard to not wash my hair everyday anymore!) and fantastic if you have dry and damaged hair like mine.

My hair can get oily quickly if I use a lot of moisturising products however this duo really helped put the moisture back in my hair and also prevented it from getting greasy. I’ve been so impressed with this product that within three weeks I’ve almost got through both bottles.

It gives me salon silky smooth hair which dries dead straight when blown dry (I never get this with any other hair care!) just like I’ve stepped out of the salon. This set is probably my favourite from Paul Mitchell and I’ll 100% be purchasing this set again when it runs out. I can get that salon blow dry look without the high costs!

You can buy it here.

Paul Mitchell Colorcare:

Colour care products are very important to me as my hair colour fades within days of dying. (You can read about my struggles here). I tried out the Color protect shampoo and locking spray (RRP £20) as these products cleanse colour-treated hair as well as moisturising it (which is a battle if you are constantly abusing it with dye), strengthens as well as boosting shine.

I was really impressed as I’ve noticed how much brighter my hair has been this month without the need for dying it as often. My hair is also a lot silkier and in much better condition.

See online here.

Paul Mitchell Leave in Conditioner:

I’ve always been very against using leave in conditioners because as I said before, my hair gets oily quickly.

I thought I would see if Paul Mitchell would change my opinion and it did! My hair was so much softer and smoother after applying and styled so much better. It even made my hair less oily if anything and lasted longer between washes.

I know I am a bit late to the bandwagon here but I recently purchased Micellar cleansing water and I really regret not trying it sooner. Within the past month I’ve almost finished two bottles.

It hydrates your skin and acts like a magnet and removes dirt and impurities. Which my past makeup removers were not doing well enough as I’ve noticed that since using Micellar cleansing water my skin has really improved, it’s not perfect but it is much better. After washing off my make up I go over my face with one or two cotton pads covered in the water and it removes any make up I’ve missed. I have pretty sensitive skin too and its so gentle on my skin.

I’d highly recommend if your skin is prone to breaking out.

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