• Roxii Hoare-Smith

Fashion Vouchers Xmas Party Outfit Challenge

I was recently contacted by Fashion Vouchers about their Xmas party outfit challenge! You have to select a store and from their range of clothes create an outfit for under £100. You are also allowed to use any discount codes on the Fashion Vouchers website! You can find out more on how to enter here.

It was hard to choose a merchant as so many of my favourite clothing websites are featured on Fashion Vouchers but the website where I had been eyeing up the most Xmas party outfits this year was Missguided so here is my entry! (Sadly Fashion Vouchers had no Missguided codes! 🙁 )

TOTAL: £95.96

Sadly after putting this outfit together, now I want it so bad 🙁

I think the bralet is so christmassy because of the sequins and I think it goes great with the metallic skirt (which I’ve added to the top of my wish list!!)

These shoes are a great copy of the JC Big Lita – wow – they are so alike it’s unreal! Look here.

Studs are so in this A/W so I had to add something studded! My favourite is this studded clutch as it matches so well with the black top & shoes and metallic skirt due to the similar colours. It’s also not to bulky but can easily fit all the essentials (money, phone & lippy!)

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