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Obsessed with your phone as much as me? Muji has created jeans with an extra pocket for us smartphone junkies.

Jacket – Missguided

Top – Bershka

Jeans – Muji*

Socks – ASOS

Shops – Topshop

As part of their spring 2017 collection, Muji recently released new jeans with a secret pocket especially designed to hold your smartphone. Being utterly obsessed with my phone – like I almost can’t bare a minute without refreshing my social media feeds – I feel like these jeans were made for me.

I’m a bit picky when it comes to jeans as it’s so difficult to find a pair that fit well. They always fit on the legs on not on the waist or if I go down a smaller size then I can’t get the things past my knees. But I was so surprised how easily these Muji jeans fit! I would even go as far as to say that they are the best pair of jeans I’ve tried, as they fit so perfectly.

I’ve walked past Muji stores for years but I’ve never actually shopped there and after trying out these jeans I am totally regretting it. I expected the jeans to be pricey but they are just £29.95, matching (or less than) the price than other high street stores.

The jeans are available in five styles including skinny and boyfriend. They come in indigo, navy and black – as pictured.

The smartphone pocket is SO handy, my iPhone 7 fitted in just perfect. They are the ultimate pair of jeans for the digital age. I feel like my phone is so much safer in the pocket, less chance of it being seen and stolen, it can’t slip out when I sit down and less chance of it falling into the toilet! The pocket is designed to prevent you from sitting on the phone too.

My phone is my baby, so the last thing I want is for anything to happen to it. The pocket is so discreet I even panicked at one point wondering my phone was as I couldn’t feel it in the jeans.

The label sizes are different to normal European/UK sizes however I am wearing a size 26 which is size 10 to 12. So for example size 23 = UK 4-6, 24 = UK 6-8, 25 = UK 8 to 10, and 27 = UK size 12 to 14.

I am totally won over by these jeans! They keep my phone safe and they are such an amazing fit.

What do you think? Are these jeans a good or bad idea?

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