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Falling in love with Tokyo & Harajuku

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

I’ve had an obsession with Tokyo since I was about 11 years old and we watched a documentary at school set in the neon jungle.

I always dreamed of going. I would often look at trips but it just seemed so unreachable so it still hasn’t sunk in that I’ve actually just been. It was everything I imagined, perhaps even better!

The neon lights, the fashion, the music and the food. Everything is just so incredible and fascinating and so different to home. As we drove through the city when we arrived we couldn’t stop ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhhing’ at what we were seeing as though we were watching a fireworks display. I think arriving and seeing everything in person for the first time will be one of the highlights of the Asian trip (as well as seeing The Bund for the first time, I obviously have a thing for neon lights).

Even if I visit again and still be amazed by it all, nothing will compare to that first time I set my eyes on the city.

We took these photos on our first day when we visited Akihabara (electronic & anime district) and Harajuku (fashion district).

I’m going to go on about Harajuku now as it was just so so incredible to me. It was the first place we visited in Tokyo and I fell in love straight away. It literally is just so me, my heaven. It was a mixture of things that won me over, from the diverse Japanese street styles around us, the shops with the amazing clothes and accessories and the counters selling candy floss of all colours and the crepes filled with a whole slices of cheesecake. There were also a large variety of super stylish vintage stores where I just wanted to buy everything but there were pretty pricey!

I was in awe of everything and literally speechless. Harajuku was an area I had always been fascinated by mainly due to Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku Lovers perfume collection, which I was a major fan of haha!

Takeshita Street aka shopping heaven

One of the only street style photos we got in Tokyo, but an example of how amazingly stylish the Japanese are.

Some of the funky food on offer in Harajuku

Swimsuit – Minga London

Skirt – eBay

Socks & Sunglasses – Asos

Vans – Office

I had no idea what to expect of Harajuku but I think this outfit represents the area really well, and that was just a coincidence that I happened to wear it that day!

When it comes to fashion in Harajuku think pastels, tennis skirts and quirky, girly accessories. Japanese fashion is just incredible and made up of a variety of styles which often influence how I dress. I love the lolita, kawaii and decora styles, it’s all so unusual and different yet the Japanese pull it off so well. A lot of their fashion is bright and funky with unusual patterns and themes, for example I bought a tee covered in a milk carton print. Yet they pull off this style so delicately and look so sophisticated.

Every day I planned to take street style fashion photos in Tokyo but I was so taken away by everything that I kept forgetting! I’ll be back though…

Tweet me (@roxannehs) if you know any Japanese style blogs or Instagram pages because I need more Japanese style influence in my wardrobe!

I’ll be featuring all the outfits I picked up in Tokyo on here shortly.

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