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Exploring London // PUNKS at Museum of London

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Becoming a tourist in my own city.

I’ve been living in London for 4 months but before then I’d been visiting the city regularly as a child and even lived on the outskirts for uni so I felt like I really ‘knew’ London. But it’s not until recently I’m appreciating that there’s so much more to London than the typical places I visit like the West End, Hyde Park, Mayfair or Kensington, just to name a few. I’ve been exploring London for years and from the age of 14 I would travel to London from Kent just to spend a day or a few hours after school in the Big Smoke.

Nowadays testing out the London food scene means I have ventured out a bit more out of Central but I’m not sure sitting inside stuffing my face and drinking lots of wine counts.

Just before Christmas we spent a Sunday strolling around London with no particular purpose rather than having a relaxing day and appreciating the city. We have no excuse now we have live here so one of my aims for 2017 is to become more of a tourist in my own city.

In 2017 I can’t wait to spend chilled weekends in London just walking around and discovering news places and hanging out with my favourite people. London can be pretty manic and I spend most of my time running around from place to place and not enough time casually strolling about and appreciating this wonderful city. So it was nice to find a free Sunday where we could do this and I’m so excited for more of those to come.

Wandering around you can also find some really nice backgrounds for photos too…

On this particular day we began with breakfast in Kensal at Parlour then made our way to Portobello Market for a browse, and I managed to find these sunglasses (pictured).

Coat – Pretty Little Thing Top – Zara

Bra – Primark

Jeans, Choker and Shoes – Topshop

We then made our way towards St Pauls to visit the Museum of London to see the Punks exhibition. We specifically went to see the this exhibition as my parents are featured. You can probably see where I get my love from for wacky make up and clothes now…

I attended the launch night of the event so I’ve visited the exhibition twice now and I plan on going again next week. Each time I go I feel immensely proud looking at their section of the museum. Although I can’t help but realise how uncool I am compared to how they were, I’ve got too much to live up to!

Here are some shots of my mum and dad’s section at the exhibition. The Punks exhibition is on until Sunday 15 January 2017 at the Museum of London (it’s free entry!)

Do let me know if you get a chance to see it or perhaps you may have already been.

Above: A photo of my dad from the 70s and a story on his bad hair dying experience…

Above: The parents pictured in 2016.

This year my parents will be celebrating 39 years together and it seems they are still as crazy as they were in 70s. Not much has changed except for their hair styles…

Above: My mums photo in the exhibition. This photo has also been used on the official promotion posters for the exhibition.

Where is your favourite place in London? Let me know what areas you suggest I explore!

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