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Effective Money Saving Tips For Travelling

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Have you anytime thought that it is possible to travel without going bankrupt?

(Photo: I’m visiting Tokyo in June. Photo credit here)

I haven’t gone travelling (yet) but over the past few years I have tried to visit as many places as possible, all on a very tight budget! Last year I visited seven new places and this year I hope to match (or exceed!) that. I make sure that I do these trips at the cheapest price I can and it is totally possible to visit new places on a really low budget. For example last weekend I went to Oslo for just £60 return and I went to the Channel Islands last year for less than my return train ticket to Gatwick airport…

Also did you know that it is possible to save while you are travelling and be within your travel budget? No? Then let me tell you that it is definitely possible! All you need is to follow certain money-saving tips and ripe its benefits in the form of money.

Air travel

Plan your trip in advance. Check out the travel websites and look out for the discount on the deals. This way you can choose the better deal that is suitable for you. In case you want to earn some extra discount, check out the Travelodge promo codes before you book your tickets.

Travel with less luggage

Make sure you have less luggage with you on your trip. Airlines charge people for the extra luggage. So this way you can save from spending unnecessarily. I’ve travelled hand luggage only for my past six trips as it’s so much cheaper.

A photo from my trip to Riga last month

Go for connecting flights

Many a time you may think that it is really hectic to go for a connecting flight system. But, it is true that you can save money on them as they are comparatively cheap. When I fly home from Tokyo in June I am stopping off at Beijing for four hours as this lowers the flight price drastically.

Cook your food

Plan to rent a room with a kitchen, as this can prove to be a better plan. You can cook for yourself and your family. This way you will be able to save on restaurant food.

Eat more at lunch 

Lunch is comparatively cheaper than dinners. So if you are planning to save money, have a good breakfast and lunch and go for light dinner. This way you will feel light when you will go to bed.

Car rental coverage

It is really a good idea to get a cover for your car rental. Some of the credit card companies provide insurance facility on the same. So better pay for the rental using the card and enjoy the coverage.

Last weekend I was in Oslo

Car seats for kids

If you have kids travelling with you, you will need car seats too. So it’s better call the car rental company and inquire about their charge to hire them. Now check out the charge to carry extra luggage with your airline company. For sure, renting will be a better option and you can opt for it.

Use coupon codes 

If you are looking for some relaxation in car rental services you can use the discount codes. This way you will be able to save a good amount of money.

Get passes for transportation

In case you are travelling to Europe, you will find that passes are available for travelling through metro, subway and rail. Unlimited travel passes are also available and they can really turn out to be worthy.

I plan to visit Shanghai this summer. Photo credit here. 

Travel during night time

If you want to save money, then travelling during night time is a good idea as you don’t have to pay extra for accommodation. Some people have the problem with sleeping, but once you get used to it, you will have no issues!

Stay in the nearby town

If you are visiting a place that is a famous tourist spot, you will not always be able to get a good deal on accommodation. So for a better deal, go for rooms that are available in the nearby town. If you don’t have mind taking a small ride into the city then it can be a better option.

Last weekend I booked my flight to Beijing. Photo credit here. 

Go for a holiday home

In case you are planning to stay for a long time, it may be better to hire a holiday home. This will be a cheaper option compared to the hotels and you may be able to cook there and save money.

I hope these tips are helpful on planning your next trip on a budget!

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