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Edgerton Pink Gin – Radio Rooftop Bar Event

I’m so obsessed with pink, that now even the alcohol I drink is pink…

So if you know me you’ll know that I love pink. Just look at my Instagram…

So of course I was totally up for an evening at Radio Rooftop Bar at ME London for a pink fuelled night. The evening would be to sample gin cocktails made with Edgerton Pink Gin.

Seeing as I wear pink 99% of the time *I’m actually writing this post while wearing a pink jumper* I stupidly arrived wearing all black and didn’t take advantage of the fact that I could wear all pink without getting any strange looks (see more here). But I did get to sample a couple of pink cocktails and that’s the most important thing. I’m not just stopping at pink hair, make up and clothes. It’s time to start drinking pink too…

Edgerton Pink Gin first launched in 2011. It is distilled in the heart of London and contains 15 unique botanicals. One of those botanicals is Damiana which is known for it’s aphrodisiac qualities so of course Edgerton has launched three rose-tinted cocktail especially for Valentine’s Day!

Here are the cocktails I tried:

French 69 

250ml Edgerton Pink Gin

125ml Simple Syrup

125ml Lemon juice


Lemon Twist


Stir the gin, Simple Syrup and fresh lemon juice with ice in a medium pitcher. Strain into Champagne flutes or coupe glasses. Top with Chilled Champagne.

Gin and Pomegranate

250ml Fresh pure pomegranate juice

250ml Fresh apple juice

1 Lime

1tbpn Fresh rosemary for muddling

100ml Edgerton Pink Gin

4 sprigs of rosemary for serving


 In a kitchen juicer, juice the pomegranates and apples. Add the squeezed lime. Set aside. In a cocktail shaker, toss a tablespoon of fresh rosemary, a splash of gin and about 2 tablespoons crushed ice. Muddle until well crushed. Add juices to an iced pitcher and stir well (or shake well in a large cocktail shaker with cubed ice.) Fill 4 rocks glasses with ice. Carefully bend the stems of the rosemary sprig and tuck them, arched, into the ice in the glass.

Edgerton Pink Gin get its distinctive pink tone by the gin’s botanical ingredient pomegranate. Edgerton Pink Gin has a unique flavour of citrus and spice notes. It has a fruity-floral taste but with a grapefruit- bitter finish and a chocolaty aftertaste.

Thank you Edgerton Pink Gin for a fab night!

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